Bboy Remind Danceshop

Remind Danceshop2012Ok, so first off, who brings home-made homeopathic energy drinks in glass jars for everyone in the workshop??  -2 Dudes thats who!:  Remind of Style Elements and the homie, Mike 360 of Community Rejuvenation Project.  I mean really, talkabout Kraft Services!  This stuff was green and fuzzy with dots.  It was made with chia seeds, algae, spiralina, lime, eye of newt, an old rubber boot, and a dash of dopeness.

Second off, I did shiet  i never done before.  "Prolly the free-est Ive felt dancing in a long time," a participant regaled.  Remind straight call-out-coached you in realtime as you danced.  I needed that.  I do EVery dance "Bboy" style, i needed to step out of that confine.  It was my turn, and as soon as I entered, he instructed me to not dance like a Bboy. And so i danced like a screeching banshee-Ayayayay!!!!.  J/k -I think i did some popping and a michael Jackson bit.

Third off, hella cats from the eastbay came out -and a couple kitties too!  -and even a few kiddoz  showed up!! (4th World Bboys, Dwinelle Hall Breakers, Ziel, Nate, Rusty, George Cheng, Darlene Tran, Angelica Tolentino, Dionteals, Kwadwo, Goonz, Ying, Gideon, Esau H, Robert CHeng, Greg Ghbriel, Lilly Sedaghat, Jesse Huynh, Rahul Doraiswami, Francis Tongpalad)

It was just dope dude.
See for yourself, the vids speak for themselves....
There is much you will see,
but there is so much mOre that was not recorded. =(

Maybe the dOpest workshops Ive been to. Check out the VIDEOS for yourself 🙂

Word up. Remind. Thanks for comin thru for the homies!

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