Hella Hung Dynasty

Hella Hung & Looner


Successive Drills - The Bboy Academy method of teaching is linear and gradually progressing from easy to difficult. We explore a concept starting with warm-ups, stretches, and strengtheners that relate to the type of moves that will b examined throughout the lesson. We then move through a series of drills and movement games covering the entire family of moves that get successively difficult with each variation.

This method teaches both beginner and advanced simultaneously. The advanced heads sometimes have difficulty doing the simple basic stuff, which the newbies can do fine. Likewise, the newbies can see from the advanced heads the later possibilities of the movement while continuing to work at their own level. Everyone learns about themselves by finding the edge of your abilities and pushing in those places.

A Different Kind Choreography - We do very little choreography in the classes.  We may however put together a series of movements which make patterns.  Sometimes stringing together variations of the same move in a single set, or repeat a set in order to hone a combo.  Our classes are not like taking a drill team hip hop class at a dance studio.  We are about cultivating each breakers character personalities, developing their signature moves, educate them on foundation steps while connecting students to the greater community of Hip Hop Culture.


One move or style can have several names. The vocabulary we teach is from the old language (1970's to 90's) East Coast, West Coast, and Greater Europe. This is to preserve the old ways, hwvr we do keep up with the post 2000 terminologies as well, which can sometimes conflict due to errors in communication internationally over the course of time, -and not to mention the pioneers going back and changing what had been set for decades.


Movement Families - How do you organize free movement? Well turns out, thanks to laws of physics we are not truly free. But we are given so many possibilities of combinations to work within that you can do a different run every time you step in the circle for the rest of your life. ..and so there SEems to b freedom ...Thanks to laws of physics.

The way Bboy Academy organizes and categorizes movement is through families of related movements and by laws of physics.

Stylizing / Freestyle is organized by various laws of physical motion, which we cover deeply in the classes, such as directional movement, height levels, The Uprock Compass, The Downrock Clock, etc.

Powermoves as well as some standard footwork concepts are organized in strings, or families of related movements.

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