Hard Times By Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters

Cold, cold eyes upon me they stare People all around me and they’re all in fear They don’t seem to want me but they won’t admit I must be some kind of creature up here having fits From my party house, I’m afraid to come outside Although I’m filled with … Continue reading

I wouldnt Change A Thing – Coke Escovedo

I wouldn’t change a thing If I had to live my life all over I wouldn’t change a thing If I had to live my life all over I lived a life that’s full Many times I had to pull my way to the top Never knowing where I was … Continue reading

Beggin’ – Frankie Valle & The Four Seasons

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Song Lyrics Put your lovin’ hand out, baby I’m beggin’ Ridin’ high when I was king Played it hard and fast cause I had everything Walked away, wonderin’ then But easy come and easy go and it would end I’m beggin’ you, won’t you … Continue reading

Synthetic Substitution – Melvin Bliss

Synthetic Substitution by Melvin Bliss Link to Song The sun used to shine on my street on my street the moon was visible at all times lights went up substituting my whole life rays of the sun replaced by man youre the only thing thats real in my life to … Continue reading

Horse w No Name – Charlie Rock

Original Version Here by America (band). It is Way different than the  DJ Charlie Rock Bboy Version. Lyrics: On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life There were plants and birds and rocks and things There was sand and hills and rings The first … Continue reading