Rock Dance Summit 2012, Bay Area

Rock Dance Summit 2012

Saturday May 5th, 2012 1pm-9pm. The origins of East Coast urban dance culture has been debated and disputed for decades. Whether we are talking about Breaking, B-Boying, Up Rock, Top Rock, Lofting, or Hip Hop Freestyle, they all originate from New York City. These dance styles lead to the Breakdance … Continue reading

From Hip Hop to Hip Pop

Gold Teeth Bboy

Do not mistake Hip Hop for that imposter doppelganger called Hip Pop.  It hurts us. From This: To This: To This: With the exception of a small few who remain independent and true, Hip Hop’s power-to-the-people movement was procured by the Patriarchal-white-corporate-music-industry.  They took the voice against oppression of brown folk … Continue reading

Bboy/Hip Hop History:

A Brief History.pic

Since Bboying is the first dance of Hip Hop Culture, Studying the history of Bboying is studying the history of Hip Hop. A Deeper Bboy/Hip Hop History: The Grandfather of Hip Hop & Funk: James Brown The Father of Hip Hop: Kool Herc The Godfather of Hip Hop: Afrika Bambaataa … Continue reading