Restoring Tissue & Bone: The Importance of Health Supplements

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Restoring Tissue & Bone quickly is imperative to Athletes. You can heal at an accelerated rate If your body has access to all the raw materials it needs. Furthermore, instead of being on the defense, approach health OFFENSIVELY! “Shoot to WIN” rather than “keep from losing.” Build yourself strong. Here is … Continue reading

Academy Benefits

-Access the Video Bank -Access the entire Bboy Library -Access Level4 secret areas: including Lesson Plans & Book of Instruction -Discounts in our webstore -Discounts on Live Personal Online coaching -Track your training progress -Level4 Special offers.

Profo Won Workshop 020113

Bboy Profo Won Footwork shop

Bboy Profo Won of Mystery School / Rock Force Crew breaking down the elements of footwork that make your footwork dope. Profo spoke of many techniques, including unpredictable footwork. He lead the session thru some drills to practice mis-direction, a concept which allows you to be unpredictable by changing up directions at any … Continue reading

Bboy Remind Danceshop

Remind Danceshop2012

Ok, so first off, who brings home-made homeopathic energy drinks in glass jars for everyone in the workshop??  -2 Dudes thats who!:  Remind of Style Elements and the homie, Mike 360 of Community Rejuvenation Project.  I mean really, talkabout Kraft Services!  This stuff was green and fuzzy with dots.  It … Continue reading

Boogie Down Berkeley @ Sunday Streets East Bay

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Firstly, i would like to thank, Emunah Hauser. Big congratz to you on a successful event.  Secondly, a Thank You shout to Lance of DownTown Berkeley who made it possible to paint in Downtown Berkeley. October 14 from 11AM to 4PM we held down the block party at the DownTown … Continue reading