Hard Times By Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters

Cold, cold eyes upon me they stare People all around me and they’re all in fear They don’t seem to want me but they won’t admit I must be some kind of creature up here having fits From my party house, I’m afraid to come outside Although I’m filled with … Continue reading

Qualities of a Dope Bboy Event Host

Feel the crowd. Involve the crowd. The Host facilitates activities. Know the activities. Hav a catchy gimmick phrase. Like Michael Buffer’s “Lets get ready to ruuumble!” Or Blue Eyes’ “One Breaker One Move!”  Something the crowd will remember. Dress like an old-school 0G Bboy. Dress as dope as you can. Fake … Continue reading

Style Element Reunion

Style Elements 19th Year Anniversary Jam Jun 22,2013 – Time: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm Style Elements 19th Year Anniversary Jam An event commemorating one of the most influential, reputed, and loved B-boy crews in the world, the Style Elements Anniversary returns to its Bay Area Roots for a weekend … Continue reading

Bboy Academy 2011 photos

Some photos of me and the students gettin’ down 🙂 [nggallery id=14]

Profo Won Workshop 020113

Bboy Profo Won Footwork shop

Bboy Profo Won of Mystery School / Rock Force Crew breaking down the elements of footwork that make your footwork dope. Profo spoke of many techniques, including unpredictable footwork. He lead the session thru some drills to practice mis-direction, a concept which allows you to be unpredictable by changing up directions at any … Continue reading

Bboy Remind Danceshop

Ok, so first off, who brings home-made homeopathic energy drinks in glass jars for everyone in the workshop??  -2 Dudes thats who!:  Remind of Style Elements and the homie, Mike 360 of Community Rejuvenation Project.  I mean really, talkabout Kraft Services!  This stuff was green and fuzzy with dots.  It … Continue reading

Boogie Down Berkeley @ Sunday Streets East Bay

Firstly, i would like to thank, Emunah Hauser. Big congratz to you on a successful event.  Secondly, a Thank You shout to Lance of DownTown Berkeley who made it possible to paint in Downtown Berkeley. October 14 from 11AM to 4PM we held down the block party at the DownTown … Continue reading

Berkeley Farmers Market Brekadance Street Show 09/22/12

Saturday September 22, 2012 @ The Berkeley Farmers Market. Our kids crew set up for street performances.

Noel Rokswel Breakshop Friday 061512

Noel Rokswel of Master City Breakers, an OG crew native to the Bay, lead a Breakshop (workshop) at Bboy Academy in Oakland. The turnout was enough to fill the space with a good vibe and still have individual attention.  The class consisted mostly of the Bboy Academy pupils and a couple … Continue reading

Bboy/Hip Hop History:

Since Bboying is the first dance of Hip Hop Culture, Studying the history of Bboying is studying the history of Hip Hop. A Deeper Bboy/Hip Hop History: The Grandfather of Hip Hop & Funk: James Brown The Father of Hip Hop: Kool Herc The Godfather of Hip Hop: Afrika Bambaataa … Continue reading