Profo Won Workshop 020113

Bboy Profo Won of Mystery School / Rock Force Crew
breaking down the elements of footwork that make your footwork dope.

Profo spoke of many techniques, including unpredictable footwork. He lead the session thru some drills to practice mis-direction, a concept which allows you to be unpredictable by changing up directions at any point.

"What will stick with me the most was what he was saying about mis-direction." ~ BBA student.


Make 'em think you are going to go one way, then go the other.  Being unpredictable.  Being able to change it up at any point along a string of movements.  It captures your audience bcs they want to see what you will do next.  Great Drills too.

6Step, you already know what to expect but then they go a diff route on a dime.
Standard Launch into a Flare, but instead of a flare, flips some dope jack move
Power Combos, making powermoves unpredictable (See Demon Smurf)

Word up, Profo!  Thanks for coming thru.

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