BBoy*BGirl Academy: The Program

Please check out our calendar section for up to date information on classes, training sessions, events, etc.  :)

BBoy*BGirl Academy is a Hip Hop School of Breakdance. We are an educational center for Break Culture. The Academy was founded in 1993.

Currently we are offering the following weekly classes:

KIDS CREW – Fridays 7pm, Destiny Arts

kids6The school of Cool. Build Confidence, Strength, Agility, Coordination, Creativity, Rhythm, and STYLE. We warm up, play movement games, dissect breakdance moves, learn foundation, freestyle concepts, Power-moves, work with partners, battle each other, and work on shows.

We perform around town and enter competitions as a school. Kids get to have fun, build skills, get prizes, and make friends.

Photos @ Kids Gallery.

ADULT BBOY / BGIRL CLASS – Fridays 8:30pm, Destiny Arts

Room full of breakdancers

Less about choreography, more about rhythm drills, physical training, drilling out concepts and variations of movement, analyzing style, and understanding the context and history of Bboying within Hip Hop. The teaching method is progressive from easy to difficult.

We end each class with a big open freestyle cypher.  Advanced dancers in the scene who already have experience and want to UP their game or train for competition are encouraged and welcome to attend, share, analyze, and document knowledge, teaching methods, mechanics, dynamics, etc.


We invite Pioneers and Legends to conduct workshops, master classes, and to lead the circles on a regular basis. Stop by cause you never know who will be gracing us with their BBoy expertise next!!

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Come train with other dancers from the Scene, cypher, battle, or work on moves at your own pace.  DOooope venue, dance floor w mirrors.

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