Learn To Break Online.

Online Learning Options:


Access scientific notes on Bboying.  The Bboy Library:

    • Manuals on several moves/concepts
    • Detailed Scientific notes on every aspect of Bboy/Bgirl Culture
    • Tips, Strategies, Methods, Suggestion, Advice, & Recommendations
    • Articles and Essays on Bboy & HipHop Culture
    • Lesson Plans and Instructional Curriculums (for teachers)
    • Charts mapping out the areas of Bboy Culture
    • Charts mapping movement families (moves with similar laws)

Note to You:
This webschool is under construction.
I have no start up capital and are seeking funding.
Pls b patient, i have so many notes, and videos that im struggling to put up by myself.
Pls help support, look for our GoFundMe coming soon.

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